Clean solutions and green transition

The green transition support the structural economic change and carbon-neutral welfare society.

North Karelia utilises abundant and high quality forest and wood resources sustainably in new bio-based products. In the further processing of biomass, the aim is to create high added value products in which the raw material becomes e.g. textile fibre or biocomposite.

Priority areas of the Clean solutions and green transition pillar:

New bio-based high added value products

  • New uses and end products of wood raw material and other renewable raw materials and their side streams
  • Further processing of biomass

Sustainable, low-carbon housing solutions

  • Wood construction and the utilisation of renewable materials
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Life cycle solutions in housing

Natural resources and related value creation

  • Natural products
  • Clean raw materials and their further processing
  • Digital forest services

Multidisciplinary solutions for green energy

  • New energy production solutions
  • Emission management
  • Carbon capture and further use

Our forest bioeconomy sector is strongly collaborative in nature. In addition to the companies, there are national and international actors of forest bioeconomy in North Karelia.

In North Karelia, forestry education and research are carried out at all levels of education.

We have several research and testing environments for co-developing new products and services. These environments are utilized by RDI organisations, companies and students.

Important international partnership networks for our region are the so-called smart specialisation platforms and the European Network of Forested Regions, among others.

Have a look at our expertise

Did you know that the world’s biggest manufacturer of forest equipment operates in Joensuu?

Did you know that Finland´s tallest wooden building is located in Joensuu?

Did you know that North Karelia exports millions of liters of pure birch sap annually?

North Karelian forestry and bioeconomy research, development and training organizations export Finnish forest know-how to Canada and Japan. (Article only in Finnish.)

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Forest and Climate Expert

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